New Future for Children is a children’s center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, founded in early 2003 to provide for the needs of children ages 2 to 18 at the center and 19+ at the Midway House who would otherwise be fending for themselves. Some of the children have lost their parents to AIDS. Currently there are 4 children being cared for and protected by a dedicated Cambodian staff at NFC and 10 being supported at the Midway House.

Along with providing housing, three meals a day, clothing and medical care, NFC offers several in-house educational programs, including 1-hour of English class and 1 hour of computer class per day. Other activities include traditional Khmer music and dance classes, life skills workshops, a movie class and internships. This also opens for 115 underprivileged children from the nearby community. NFC also provides support to more than 200 hundred underprivileged children in a rural area. 

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