6th Annual NFC Cycle Challenge Raises 1950 GBP!


We are thankful to Tony Sparrow, the 6 riders, 3 support people and sponsors of  the sixth annual NFC Cycle Challenge which raised over 1950 GBP for New Future for Children!

This is a description of the ride:

“A month before ‘Le Tour de France’ sets off, we (roughly) followed the route over the weekend of 7th-8th June – that’s 132 miles one day and 123 the next! The 6 riders – Howard, Bob, Al, Steve, Neil, and Lee – covered the route in 3 stages each day; they all did at least 2 stages, though Al completed them all – that’s over 250 miles and some 18 hours in the saddle! There were 3 support vehicles – Tony, Andy and Neil – who shepherded them round and got them to and from the staging points.”

– Cycling time – 17hrs 22min
(like 2 full days at work!)
– Calories burned – 11,192
(nearly 4 times average daily intake for a man; 5 times for a woman!)
– Climbing (ft) – 21,914
(nearly 75% of the way up Mt Everest!)
– Distance – 260 miles
(10 marathons!)
– Average Speed – 15mph
(with all them hills!)

Regarding previous years:

2009 – Leeds-Slough raised £2476
2010 – Glasgow-Leeds raised £2737
2011 – Slough-Leeds raised £2865
2012 – Leeds-Liverpool and back raised £2325
2013 – Leeds-Slough-Leeds non-stop relay raised £2639

Congratulations on a great job in riding and raising funds!

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