The Live-in Children Project

The project has been implemented by NFC since 2003 to provide daily and educational needs for a group of vulnerable children who were victims of abuse. The accommodation, daily upkeep, health and welfare of these children, as well as their education, are fully supported by NFC. NFC currently supports four live-in children at the center, while two older children live at the transition project “Midway House”. The children are going to study at the local private school, Khmer public school, vocational training, and foundation year at local University. They also spend half day for English and computer lessons at the center from Monday to Friday.

Our Live-in Children programme has been a resounding success. Today we have just four children who still live in NFC, who are shown in the picture above. As they leave to pursue university or vocational education, the Live-in Children programme will come to an end. NFC will then dedicate its full facilities to the already successful Community Education Programme.