The Midway House Project (MWH)

MWH started in 2010 to provide a safe, independent living space for NFC’s university and vocational training students. The students each have a private room as well as a shared kitchen and dining facilities. While sharing the house they are expected to cook their own food, wash their own clothes and keep both private and shared living spaces clean. Through these activities they learn how to take greater responsibility for their own needs and those of their fellow housemates. MWH is an important stepping-stone to help these young adults prepare for the fully independent life they will have after their studies. MWH is joined by older children from NFC live-in project, older students from CSEP as well as older students from the partner organizations such as Cambodian Organization for Living and Temporary-care (COLT) and Chikara Cambodia.

A big thank you to our project partners and sponsors for putting their trust in our project management style. We believe this project can help these young adults as well as the next generations to live independently and responsibly with hope, to make an important contribution to society.