Former Live-in Boy working as Sales Assistant in Construction Supply & Service Company

Our former Live-in boy, LUY Bonthou, used to live in a pagoda with his close friend before asking to live at NFC in 2003. After almost 13 years at NFC, he finished high school and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Interior Decoration at a local University in Phnom Penh. Bonthou currently works as a Sales Assistant in a construction supply & service company in the city. This job has really made a difference to his life, and he loves it very much. We wish you a brighter future in your new career, Bonthou.

Former Live-in Girl Aon Bopha gained her Doctorate in Dental Studies

We are very proud and would like to congratulate our former Live-in girl, Aon Bopha, for her Doctorate in Dental Studies after approximately seven years at a well-known University in Phnom Penh. Together with her husband, she runs a dental clinic in a province in Cambodia. Married in 2016, the couple now have a lovely, 3-year-old son. We wish them all the very best.

Live-in Girl Rith Linda graduated in Pharmacy

We would like to congratulate our older Live-in girl, Rith Linda, who has graduated with an Associate Degree in Pharmacy at Phnom Penh’s International University. Linda received the certificate from a representative of the Ministry of Health. She currently continues with the Bachelor Degree and will finish this year. She presently works as a Pharmacy Assistant at a local pharmacy.

We would like to say a very big THANK YOU to her individual sponsors, Ann-Margrit B. Thomsen and Golden Futures Foundation, for supporting her studies.

Former Live-in Girl Sat Putheary achieved her second Bachelor Degree

We would like to congratulate our former Live-in girl, Sat Putheary, on achieving her second bachelor degree, English for International Relations, at a local well-known university. Theary married in 2016 and her husband works for a company specialising in food supply while she herself runs her own business in Phnom Penh. They also have a lovely daughter. We wish them every success in their future endeavours.

Former Live-in Girl Chea Sopheak wins Best Staff Member Award

We are very proud to see the excellent achievement of our former Live-in girl, Chea Sopheak. Sopheak graduated as a Nurse in 2013 with the support of our UK partner foundation, Golden Futures Fund. She now works as the Leader of Cambodian Nurses at a Japanese charity clinic in Cambodia. She received an award as the Best Staff Member by the clinic.

She was given the opportunity to visit Japan for one week, where she provided an overview of Cambodia to Japanese volunteers about to work in Cambodia. We wish you every success in your profession, Sopheak.

Marriage Day of two former Live-in-Children

We would also like to congratulate our former Live-in children, Rith Linda and Luy Bonthou, on their marriage day. Bonthou currently works as a Sale Executive at a company in the city, while Linda works in a part-time job and is in her final year (year 7) of Medical studies. We wish them both a prosperous and happy life together.

First South-North volunteer in Germany

Our alumni South-North volunteer, Thy Vitchheang, shared his experiences from over a year of  voluntary service in Germany with the new Cambodian volunteers who were due to fly to Germany. Altogether there were six Cambodian volunteers who took part in 2019’s voluntary service in Germany through the Weltwärts programme. The number of Cambodian volunteers dramatically increased in 2019 compared with 2018 when there was only one (Vitchheang). We are very optimistic about this wonderful opportunity for these Cambodian young adults. The experience will certainly broaden their minds and give them a different perspective on life.