NFC puts a huge emphasis on education. For the children at NFC, education is the key to a becoming independent, productive Cambodian citizens who have the opportunity for a successful and meaningful life for themselves and for Cambodia.

NFC runs daily computer, English, music and dance classes as well as individual tutoring. Outside of NFC kind donors sponsor all the NFC students to attend a community oriented private school, Westline, where they receive the education they need for a new future. Additionally some students attend English classes outside of NFC and some attend a weekly movie class focused on building life skills.

In October 2019 we gave a warm welcome to our new Education Manager and English Teacher, Din Sokdeth. He is dedicated to making sure the children get the best out of their classes. He closely monitors and records their results and encourages and supports them to do the best that they can.

NFC also provides life skills training for the students through workshops
including a 3-day leadership skills workshop called the Survivor Challenge held at Rabbit Island off the coast of Cambodia.

The children’s days at NFC are full and rich with education and learning, but they always find time to fit in some play – sports and games are a daily occurrence at NFC, with football, volleyball and basketball being amongst the favourites.