Children Dance Class

Khmer dance class takes place every Sunday afternoon, taught by a Cambodian dancer.
It is an important activity to maintain Khmer tradition as well as to broaden the children’s skills.

Children Dental Care

At least once every three months the children of our Community Education Project visit the dentists at Millimolar Cambodia for free dental treatment.

Library and Reading Class

Cambodian students have difficulties with their reading skills both in Khmer as well as in foreign languages due to a lack of encouragement to read during their childhood. To help change this trend, we set up a small library at NFC. We motivate them to read any books they want until it becomes their daily routine. To improve their reading we also provided classes, from Monday to Friday, of Khmer basic language to teach the children about consonants and vowels.

Khmer Lessons

Our Cambodian volunteers give extra Khmer lessons (Khmer vowels and consonants) to the younger children. The classes start before their English and computer lessons. We have found that teaching by public school teachers is not enough, and requires a great deal of support from parents. However, the parents are busy with labouring and construction jobs, and have no time or are unable to help their children. NFC has now stepped in to help them to improve their reading and writing in Khmer.

Clean Environment Activities

The English and Education staff gave a presentation on “Clean Environment” to NFC children. The aim of the presentation was to encourage the children to learn how to protect the environment when they are at home, at school and in public spaces.

We not only provided free daycare and informal extra education to the children but we also focus on environmental concerns.  We believe threatening the environment can lead to climate change, which then badly impacts all our lives. At the centre we teach the children to always clean up after themselves, put rubbish in the bin/waste container, and reduce plastic.

For example, one of the methods is to encourage the children to use refillable water bottles filled with clean water at the centre, rather than use disposable, plastic bottles, plastic cups or plastic bags. To help us achieve this aim, more than one hundred quality water bottles were donated by our sponsors, HCC, this year. To ensure the project progresses and becomes a routine part of the children’s behaviour, our staff and volunteers  focus on it every single day. We are sure the children will spread this inspiring habit within their families and their community, as well as at school. We also have a big dream for the “Plastic Management Project”, and are excited to work on it.