Golden Futures Foundation

GFGolden Futures was founded in 2007, after a pair of university students came back from volunteering in Cambodia and decided to do something to ensure the children they had been working for in Cambodia had a future outside the orphanage.

We provide support using the microfinance model, giving loans rather than grants, which encourages confidence and self-reliance and a positive, ambitious attitude.

bankMicrofinance also allows each donation to be put to work again and again, and so much more good can be done with the same amount of money. If we lend someone $1000 to set up a shop, once they have paid it back, we can lend the money out again. The same $1000 can open 100 shops, or help 100 people through university.

We provide potential borrowers with the support they need to make applications through our support project. This includes training in budgeting, opening bank accounts and money management. We also produce a booklet giving information on university courses and their costs.

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